Winter Care of Evergreen Trees

Evergreens are generally a low-maintenance plant, but they, too, require some pruning, protection from cold, sun scald, root damage and animal damage.  

Spring Bulbs to Plant Now

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we put our summer gardens to sleep for the winter. But before tucking away your trusty hand trowel, you may want to consider adding some bulbs to your landscape. 

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens can be a beautiful additon to your yard while protecting our limited water resources. We'll tell you how to design your own.

The Truth about Bats!

Bats are friendly, useful creatures that you can enlist during the warmer months to help you control pesky insects in your backyard. We'll look into their world and why gardeners need them.

What Worked, What Didn't

As the Fall moves in, it’s a good time to consider what was successful and what needs to change in your home garden.

Fall Tree Planting

Now is a great time, before the soil freezes, to plant some ornamental trees.

Frost Heave

Frost heave – the result of our region’s wide temperature fluctuations that cause the soil to thaw and then refreeze. What can you do to save your plants?

Winterize Your Garden

Fall clean-up prevents overwintering of pests and diseases and cuts down on spring work. Follow these steps to winterizing your garden.

Herbs to Grow Indoors

Herbs make a great addition to a garden, but they can also be grown indoors as year-round houseplants.

Green Tomatoes

Did you know that too much heat can slow plant growth? Do you have too many green tomatoes? We can help.

Late Season Harvesting

Even though summer is over, you can delay harvesting a few veggies. We’ll tell you which ones.

Season Extenders

With the cooler nighttime temperatures, you may need to protect your plants and extend the growing season. We’ll tell you how!

Bring the Houseplants Back Inside

If you moved your houseplants outside for the summer, it’s seriously time to prepare them for re-entry into your home.  

Dividing Perennials

Some perennials are picky - we'll explain the best time to divide your targeted plant – and which plants never need to be divided.

Put Your Beds to Bed

There are three basic things to do in the fall that will save you time and money next spring. We'll explain how to Clean, Amend and Protect your garden.

Amending & Mulching Soil

Billions of soil organisms help air, water reach plant roots while recycling nutrients, storing water, and protecting plants from disease. Learn how to increase them in your soil.

The How of Permaculture

The “How” of Permaculture is a design process and we'll explain how to apply it in your home landscape.